Benefits of Professional Photography

Buyers today are inundated with listings as they begin their home search. It’s not uncommon for some to scan through hundreds of listings in one sitting as they seek out the perfect home. Because of the sheer volume of options they’re presented with, buyers select which houses they’ll view through the process of elimination. What this means is they’re looking for any excuse to skip over a listing if it doesn’t immediately appeal to them. That’s why first impressions mean more than anything. Today, we literally have half a second to make your home stand out.

…which one would you choose?

Taking a photo into the sun washes out all the detail and color, and the angle does nothing to showcase the great deck and terraced backyard:


Using a wider lens vastly improves the sense of space, while color correcting reveals the true atmosphere of the room. What was once stuffy and crowded becomes bright and airy:


It’s hard to believe this is the same hallway. What a difference changing the perspective makes. Removing the floor runners also exposes the beautiful hardwood floors:


Once again, changing the angle has a dramatic effect on the sense of space. Shooting at the right time of day can also highlight details (like the hardwood floors) and add warmth to the room: