Luxury is an Experience not a Price Point

Every home has a story, and my job is to weave that story into a unique brand that differentiates your home from every other house on the market. This is the key to getting the most value for your home.

Benefits of Working with Me

Million dollar marketing is more than just marketing, it’s adaptive marketing. It’s promoting your home, quantifying our efforts, listening to agent and visitor feedback, and if necessary, making immediate changes so your home receives the highest value possible.

Unparalleled Access to Qualified Buyers

My relationship with Sotheby’s International Realty provides unparalleled access to qualified buyers through our exclusive relationships with the most significant real estate websites in the world. We are connected to the most effective agents, not only in Atlanta, but the entire world, and we regularly engage them to attract buyers for your home.

Captivating Professional Photography

With nearly 100% of home buyers starting their search online, captivating photography is critical. Captivating photography transcends professional photography and captures the atmosphere and aura of your home. Buyers make purchases based on emotion, so instead of simply showing high quality photos of a house, we also want to engage buyers emotionally by capturing the essence and feel of your home.

Quantifying Our Marketing Efforts

My marketing strategy is based on sound numbers that I will send you on a weekly basis. Tracking and quantifying our marketing efforts allows us to adapt quickly if we find a strategy isn’t working.

Getting the Most Value for Your Home

While the above summarizes the key benefits of working with me, the nuts and bolts of getting your home ready for the market still plays a critical role in getting the most value for your home. To guide my clients, I’ve created several best practice manuals that I use to lead us through the preparation phase of listing a home. One of the most useful of which is my Marketability Scorecard. We use this on every home we list to ensure we’ve positioned it to obtain the most value and attract the largest pool of potential buyers.

If you’d like a copy of the Marketability Scorecard, just click here. I’d be happy to send it to you.


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