Ever Wonder How Custom Stair Rails Are Made? Part 1

…My guess would be probably not, because it’s something that’s never crossed my mind either. I do have to admit though, that when I stumbled upon a set of custom railings being formed, I was fairly surprised by the amount of work it takes, and the level craftsmanship that’s required.

This home in The Manor Golf & Country Club has an incredible 3- story spiral staircase, and it never occurred to me that the railings would have to be custom made in order to fit all of the unique angles of the winding stairs (you can see a few of the finished handrail sections sitting on the lower levels):

Stairs 1

The rails are made by gluing/laminating a dozen or so small strips of wood together and bracing them in place to dry:



Once the glue has dried, the railing is sanded and shaped into its final form, and dowel holes are drilled into the ends to join the pieces together. It’s astonishing how smooth and seamless the railings have become, and with the caps in place, you can hardly tell it’s not a solid piece of wood (unless of course you looked at the cross section):


I’ll post an update here in the next week or two with more photos and details about the railing…


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