Inman Park Festival – Historic Homes Map

Alrighty, the best festival of the year is this weekend. For anyone heading over to the Inman Park Fest, be sure to check out all of the historic homes sitting right behind the booths…

I spent the last 6 years living in the heart of Inman Park and it’s without a doubt my favorite part of Atlanta. Interestingly, it’s also Atlanta’s very first “suburb”. There’s no other part of town that boasts so much of Atlanta’s early history, including Asa Candler’s home (founder of Coca-Cola), Joel Hurt’s home and two homes that the Woodruff’s lived in during the early 1900s.

My favorite historical landmark though has got to be the 100-year old Police Lock-up Box. I’ve probably walked by it a thousand times thinking it was just an old telephone booth before I learned what it really was. I’m not kidding, they used to lock people in this until the police carriage could pick them up and take them into town …you can’t make this stuff up:

So, if you’re heading over to Inman Park this weekend, be sure to check out the homes on this map …and enjoy a funnel cake for me!

And be sure to visit our Inman Park page to view all of the available homes.

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