A Second Look at 3150 Manor Bridge Drive

Alpha Contracting and Consulting has been building one of my favorite homes in Atlanta for the past 2 years, and during the last few months, it’s really started to come together. Located in the heart of The Manor Golf and Country Club, this 12,000+ sqft home has been a labor of love, and the builder (Neal Chawala) has taken his time crafting a work of art. While I’ve posted several articles about this home in the past, I felt it was time for an update and a second look.

One of my favorite features has always been the main staircase, and I was fascinated by the level of craftsmanship involved throughout the building process. The last time I saw it though, the dome at the top of the stairs was just being framed out and I really wasn’t sure what it was going to look like. Even though I had high expectations, I have to admit, I’m more than impressed…

Here’s a quick peek at how things are coming along – and what they once looked like:

The finished dome at the top of the stairs is simply amazing…

Last year, I was wondering what the dome would look like when it was complete and I thought they might hang a chandelier from the cross beams …but they had a better idea.

Up close, the detail is incredible. Each beam consists of several pieces of trim molded together and bent into place. Now the gaps behind the arches make sense…

The staircase spans 3 stories and is nearly 40-feet tall from the dome to the basement floor:

It was hard to imagine what was to come during the early stages:

Looking down isn’t too shabby either…

While the exterior hasn’t changed much, it does look much nicer with the landscaping and driveways in place:


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